Sophisticated Card Games for You!

At any casino, there is a clear hierarchy of games in terms of glamour and sophistication. Card games are the undisputed gambling aristocracy where chance seems to play much less of a role in favour of skill, strategy, and supreme self-control. Here is a selection of casino card games, each of which will instantly up your gambling excitement and reputation.

Black jack

One of the most popular casino games overall, black jack pits players against the dealer in a struggle to get the highest point total without exceeding 21. It may well seem like a game of total chance, but there are intricate systems and strategies for getting around ”soft hands” and taking a strict number of ”hits” until your chances to win are good enough. Do not ”bust” or count the cards!

Hold ‘em poker

Texas and Omaha hold ‘em, as well as their variations, took casinos by storm recently. As community card games, they offer players the chance to form the strongest hands possible by combining their hole cards with five community cards, with each game allowing different combinations. The stakes get higher as more community cards get revealed. Get your stone face on!

Seven-card stud

Before hold ‘em, there was stud poker. With an intricate combination of up- and down-cards, players end up with a total of seven cards, five of which must give them a winning hand. Betting proceeds in five rounds, and professionals will sweat you out of the game before you reach the showdown!